MATURE Work Plan

  • WP1 builds a common ground for the project concerning the state of the art about concepts and theories required to understand the knowledge maturing process as well as about the state of practice on knowledge maturing from a human-oriented, an organisational and an ICT perspective.
  • WP2 designs a personal learning and maturing environment (PLME) based on the model developed in WP1 and in coordination with WP3. To this end it makes use of the services developed in WP4.
  • WP3 realises a design and an implementation of the organisational learning and maturing environment (OLME) which allows organisational experts to identify relevant knowledge assets arising from communal interaction. Its work is based on the model developed in WP1 and in coordination with WP2 und WP4 making use of the services developed in these work packages.
  • WP4 designs and implements a variety of Maturing Services which are used by WP2 and WP3 to support the transitions between personal, community, and organisational learning. These encompass services accessing relevant knowledge sources and analyzing their content and relationships from various perspectives (e.g. usage, process, topic, content).
  • WP5 provides a service-oriented infrastructure forming the basis for the interaction between WP2-4 and with existing sources and deploys the integrated prototypes at the application partners’ sites.
  • WP6 specifies the expected outcome of the MATURE developments in a verifiable form and will conduct formative and summative evaluations at application partners’ sites.