MATURE Use Cases

MATURE will collect requirements from three use cases and demonstrate within these three use cases the usefulness of the MATURE developments in a formal formative and summative evaluation:

  • The first use case from a large company aims at improving the internal product and service innovation process, enabling faster take-up of bottom-up ideas through the use of MATURE technologies. This does not only apply to content (product and service innovation), but even more to processes (process innovation).
  • The second use case from Structuralia aims at improving the faster take-up of customer demands for timely production of appropriate learning content. This involves both the maturing of content and of semantic structures for organising the huge amount of learning material.
  • The third use case from the University of Warwick career guidance network, a network of career guidance counsellors coordinated by the University of Warwick, demonstrates how interlinked Personal Learning Environments help independent experts to develop their competencies in collaboration with others.