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Design-Based Research

Two journal articles accepted

Recently, two journal articles have been accepted after a lengthy reviewing process. They summarize two major areas of contribution of MATURE: iterative and agile design processes/design-based research and agile competence management and ontology maturing.

Simone Braun, Christine Kunzmann, Andreas Schmidt
Semantic People Tagging & Ontology Maturing: An Enterprise Social Media Approach to Competence Management
International Journal on Knowledge and Learning

Mobile Phones as Mediating Tools Within Augmented Contexts for Development

Some preliminary thoughts on the nature of what I am calling Augmented Contexts for Development; an extension of Vygotsky’s Zone of Proximal Development that takes into account the characteristics of 21st Century mass media structures and practices. Presentation at Education in the Wild, Alpine Rendez-Vous, within the framework of the STELLAR Network of Excellence. December 3-4, Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Bavaria, Germany.

I will talk with colleagues in Garmisch about extending my notion of Augmented Contexts for Development to work based learning. I would welcome any comments from MATURE colleagues about how it relates to the MATURE model.

Download short paper:
Slides for my talk: available in slideshare

The full paper that the above is based on:
Cook, J. (in press). Travelling Without Moving: Design-Based Research into Augmented Contexts for Development. Journal of Interactive Media in Education. Invited paper for special issue from the CALRG 30th Anniversary Day. Contact me for a copy.

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