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Video introduction into SIMPLE - Social Interactive Mashup Personal Learning Environment

The objective of SIMPLE is to actively support higher quality of knowledge work and to foster informal learning. By means of this software we provide new ways how to support the collaborative creation of high quality and reliable content-based knowledge artefacts in a self-organised way. The main focus of SIMPLE is on the first four phases of the knowledge maturing model.

SIMPLE is based on a widget approach especially for supporting work-integrated learning based on a concrete use case. It is designed to combine web based information access and desktop integration for a seamless integration into the familiar work environment of the user. An underlying communication infrastructure allows for exchanging data and events between widgets in order to improve workflows and usability, and avoid media disruptions.

The main desktop application is called Activity Based Sidebar, which needs to be installed on the target machine. It is an Adobe AIR application, which runs in the according runtime environment. It provides an application which enables knowledge workers to create their learning and maturing environment independently and contextually fitting. Moreover, the prefix Activity Based refers to the possibility users have, to classify and group a subset of their used widgets into activities according to individual tasks. Widgets are deployed in a web-based widget repository. The sidebar loads the widgets in a list of all widgets as selected by the user.

Initially, we provide 6 widgets and the matureFox Firefox plugin. These are:

  • Collection Widget
  • Tagging Widget
  • Tag Cloud Widget
  • Search Widget
  • Discussions Widget
  • Tag Editor Widget

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