Study on Knowledge Maturing in Europe

The MATURE Integrating Project is based on the concept of knowledge maturing (KM), goal-oriented learning on a collective level. The project investigates how KM takes place within and across organisations, what barriers are encountered and how socio-technical solutions overcome those barriers. In the second year of the project, we have conducted a Europe-wide study focusing on different aspects of KM.

Altogether, 139 interviews were conducted, out of which 126 met the criteria for the quantitative analysis. Although we concentrated on organisations within the knowledge-intensive service sector, the study included a broad spectrum of organisations with respect to size, sector and knowledge intensity. The rich data collected was analysed with a mixed-method approach using quantitative and qualitative methods.

Short summary of the results:

Flyer (German version)

Full deliverable with detailed explanations on method and data analysis results: D1.2 Results of the Representative Study and Refined Knowledge Maturing Model.