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New LTRI publication on our innovative work at the European work-based learning level

Abstract: The purpose of this paper is to feature two European projects that have explored innovative approaches to using Educational Technology to mediate “informal learning” in a variety of contexts. The paper is structured as follows. Firstly, it briefly delineate what the author means by “informal learning”, opting for the term ‘task-conscious learning’. This will be followed by a succinct distillation of the key design oriented outcomes from two European projects that the author has worked on as a partner: CONTSENS (Using Wireless Technologies for Context Sensitive Education and Training) and MATURE (Social Learning in Knowledge Networks). The paper concludes by exploring the design implications for sustainable approaches to designing educational technology for mediating informal task-conscious learning.

Cook, J. (2012). Using Educational Technology to Mediate Informal Task-Conscious Learning: Design Innovations in Two European Projects. Invited paper for Educational Technology Magazine, Special Issue on 'Educational Technology in Europe'.

"Educational Technology Magazine is the world's leading periodical publication covering the entire field of educational technology, an area pioneered by the magazine's editors in the early 1960s. Read by leaders in more than one hundred countries, the magazine has been at the forefront of every important new trend in the development of the field throughout the past five decades. Its list of published authors is a virtual "who's who" of the leading personalities and authorities from all over the world active in educational technology research, development, and application."

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