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MATURE work presented to UK Gov Department for Business Innovation and Skills

John Cook from MATURE & LTRI joined the UK Research Council funded TEL Group visit to UK Government's Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS) at the Department’s HQ in Westminster. The visit was well received and took place on 3rd November, 2011. Messages put over on the day by John:

John Cook’s work on EU projects like MATURE is pointing to the values of social network tools amplifying learning in the workplace

Repurposing Cultural Contexts ... But it’s not just learning & teaching ... in the workplace…

  • situated workplace learning, both formal and informal, is being given the same priority as motorways by the EC, which is why Horizon 2020 is getting €80 billion.
  • We need ‘Facebook for the workplace’
  • Challenges for TEL are the need to address impact and scale

Below are the links to blog 1 and 2 provided by Richard Noss of the London Knowledge Lab for the BIS owned public sector innovations blog :

Blog 1:
Blog 2:

Slides used on the day :