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Dr.-Ing. Josef Hofer-Alfeis

Associate partner


As a freelance consultant, Dr. Hofer-Alfeiss offers consulting on Knowledge and Innovation Management and Integrated Intellectual Capital Management. He is electrical engineer and since 1990, he has been active as a consultant, researcher, and lecturer in Knowledge and Innovation Management. He was corporate process executive for Intellectual Capital Management and founder and moderator of the Community of Practice Knowledge Management at Siemens AG. Since February 2007, Dr. Hofer-Alfeis is an indepedent management consultant and partner of Amontis Consulting AG. He is giving lectures at four universities in Germany and Austria.

I am interested in any new approaches to the major KM processes Locate Knowledge & Learn, Debrief Knowledge & Transfer, and Network and Collaborate in Knowledge Area. My current work is on topics like planning & controlling knowledge & KM, e.g. via strategy definition and execution to support business transformations, KM solutions and instruments to manage business success and innovation with ageing workforces, and instruments and solutions for personal KM



Munich, Germany