MATURE Project News

LinkedIn Networking Group Launched

In order facilitate networking with the consortium and among MATURE's associate partners, we have created a LinkedIn group. You are invited to join and start discussing how the MATURE Associate Partner meeting on April 30, 2009 in Karlsruhe should look like! 

Slides for John Cook's inaugural lecture 'The digitally literate learner ...'

On Tuesday 3rd Feb 2009 John Cook, Professor of Technology Enhanced Learning and consortium workpackage leader, gave his inaugural lecture, called “The digitally literate learner and the appropriation of new technologies and media for education”

User workshop to demonstrate two prototypes to end users

London Design Study Workshop

The main purpose of the workshop was to obtain feedback from a range of key stakeholders, including practitioners, managers and policy makers on the two prototypes developed by TUG and FHNW. 

Credit Suisse joins associate partner network


Following MATURE's presentation at the I-KNOW conference 2008, Credit Suisse has decided to join the MATURE associate partner network.
"We would like to pass over the experience of organizational maturing into the MATURE project and on the other side implement some ideas that this project will generate. Besides that we would be happy to contribute our longtime experience in the field of knowledge management."
The MATURE consortium considers Credit Suisse to be a valuable addition to the network.

MATURE at ICOPER Competence Symposium Berlin

 iCoper competency expert workshop - Berlin - 3 DEC 08

The recently started ICOPER project organized a workshop at the German Institute for Standardization (DIN) on December 4, 2008. The organizers managed to assemble most of the European projects dealing with competencies. The project aims at kicking off and fostering a standardization effort for a semantically enriched standard on competency-related issues, geared towards employability processes. MATURE’s scientific coordinator Andreas Schmidt participated in and contributed to the workshop.

First partner newsletter


Results of the first six months

MATURE has started with a high level of activity and motivation of all participants in April 2008 and has so far managed to sustain those high standards. The project work has been organized according to an adapted agile approach in different strands of activities, which have regular synchronization points (every three months, together with consortium meetings). These activities include

Ontology Maturing presentation @ OTM 2008 conferences and workshops

Simone Braun presented on ontology maturing, evaluation, and lessons learnt at this year's ODBASE 2008 conference, which is one of the five complementary conferences of the OnTheMove Federated Conferences & Workshops.

MATURE organized the OntoContent 2008 workshop

MATURE organized this year's OntoContent workshop, which forms part of the OnTheMove Federated Conferences 2008 conjoint with the QSI workshop. This year, a total of 20 papers were submitted to OnToContent+QSI out of which we accepted 8 for presentation at the workshop and publication in the proceedings.

Simone Braun chaired the event and provided a short introduction into MATURE and the approach of Ontology Maturing as a dynamic perspective on ontologies.

"Tackling the Curse of Prepayment" @ INSEMTIVE 2008 Workshop

This year's International Semantic Web Conference took place in Karlsruhe where it was co-organized by FZI together with the University of Karlsruhe.