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MATURE workshop at JTEL Summer School 2010: Womble (Work Oriented MoBile Learning Environment).

The JTEL2010 organising committee has accepted our contribution and included it in the preliminary programme which you can see posted at the Summer School website, which contains the workshop description: The workshop is in 2 parts (on Monday and Thursday). JTEL takes place in Ohrid, Macedonian, 7th June 2010 to 11th June 2010. John will be funded by MATURE to represent LTRI. This is a conference where all the major EC funded projects run workshops/talks for PhD students and it represents an excellent dissemination/networking opportunity. A journal article and networking for future EC bids are expected outcomes.

Link to slides from talk

Womble workshop went well, was well attended with participants engaging with us


Run by John Cook, Graham Attwell and Carl Smith