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"A refreshing new perspective on learning": MATURE raises interest at Learntec 2012


Learntec 2012 was a surprising success for MATURE. Both the knowledge maturing model and the tools, especially the people tagging solution, has attracted considerable interest by fair visitors. MATURE has been able to show well-grounded and practically relevant approaches to knowledge management and learning that set a refreshing antipole to many products and services offered by other exhibitors: while these solutions often appear to be stuck in the last decade, the discussions and reactions from visitors have shown that MATURE has been able to incorporate the lessons learnt from previous approaches.

The knowledge maturing model has proven its potential to quickly involve people in thorough reflections about knowledge and learning. Particularly consultants were interested in cooperations to apply it in their projects. It is seen as a communication instrument that can also bring about changes in attitude of customers towards more holistic, more participatory forms of learning support. Learntec 2012 was also to announce the platform that presents the solutions and offerings resulting from four years of MATURE research to a wider audience.

SOBOLEO was interesting as a lightweight alternative to intranet approaches for several international software companies. Follow-up activities will explore the possibilities to integrate it into their approaches.