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Knowledge Maturing in Europe - results of a large European study

MATURE has conducted a large-scale empirical study as part of the second year with 139 interviews from companies in various business sectors and countries in Europe (and beyond, e.g., in China). The goal was to deepen the understanding of real world maturing practices and barriers to knowledge maturing. Towards that end, MATURE project members have engaged in conversations about knowledge maturing phases, activities, indicators, and barriers.

People Tagging demonstrator evaluation - the "simplicity is fabulous"

On May 11, the kick-off workshop for using the people tagging demonstrator as part of operational activities has taken place. Jenny Bimrose from University of Warwick and Simone Braun and Andreas Schmidt from FZI have introduced the people tagging system to an enlarged group of ten personal advisors at Connexions Northumberland after it had been substantially improved as a result of the participatory design phase with a core group from Connexions Northumberland.

Summary of demonstrators and motivational design approach

Demonstrator 1 - Assuring Quality for Social Learning in Content Networks       Demonstrator 2 - Developing Collaborative Understanding       Demonstrator 3 - People tagging for organizational development       

Successful second MATURE Review

Last week, the project has presented its results of the second year to the review panel. This encompassed the results of the representative studies and their implications on the knowledge maturing model as well as the demonstrator development, which brings together conceptual advances, architecture and integration work, and formative evaluation. The whole team has put tremendous effort in the preparation of the meeting, particularly because it was a very early project review.

Two Portuguese companies join the associate partner network

We are proud to announce that our associate partner network has grown with two new partners from Portugal:

Representatives from those companies will join the associate partner meeting on April 16 in Vienna.


Knowledge Management 3.0 @ Learntec 2010

LEARNTEC is the leading international trade fair and convention for vocational education, learning and information technology. It provides information about different approaches to learning, using online and traditional media, which are both effective and free of time constraints.

At this year's edition, Prof. Rudi Studer, director at FZI and professor at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, was invited for a talk on Knowledge Management 3.0, in which he presented the MATURE approach and the people tagging demonstrator as a lightweight semantic approach to knowledge management.

Continuous Competence Development: MATURE @ Professional Training Facts 2009

MATURE organized a track at this year's edition of the Professional Training Facts conference, which is an "industry meets science" event targeted at "learning - competence - performance". The MATURE track was about continuous competence development, focussing on one of the main aspects of MATURE: the continuity of learning in organizations.

Third MATURE newsletter published

Promoting a shared understanding of competencies - position statement at IEEE LTSC WG20 meeting in Stuttgart

Andreas Schmidt represented MATURE and its approach to competency definitions at the informal IEEE LTSC WG20 meeting. Its goal was to establish a - standardization body independent - group that develops a shared understanding of competency data management. A position statement was presented and lively discussed:


At this year's edition of the International Conference on Knowledge Management (I-KNOW 09), the MATURE has taken the opportunity to raise the awareness of the community for MATURE and to present the first year's results.

On the first day, there was an entire session on knowledge maturing from an organizational perspective:

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