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Very successful 3rd Annual Review Meeting

Last week, the project team, the expert reviewers and the project officer were in Innsbruck to assess the outcome of the third year of MATURE and to give guidance on the fourth and final year of MATURE. We had long and very interesting and constructive discussions, and we are happy that the review panel thinks that we have continued to make excellent progress, particularly by a sustained and successful agile approach to project management (which is not seen frequently in EU projects).

Workshop on Motivational, Social, and Cultural Aspects of Knowledge Management

The MATURE team organized an exciting workshop on Motivational, Social, and Cultural Aspects of knowledge management at this year's Professional Knowledge Management conference in Innsbruck. 


talkIT Workshop on Entrepreneurial Knowledge Management

Organized by the Tyrolean "Standortagentur" and hosted by Ronald Maier at the University of Innsbruck, the talkIT workshop centered around the topic of entrepreneurial knowledge management and how it affects the competencies required by IT employees. 

talkIT workshop at Innsbruck in February 2011


MATURE @ Professional Knowledge Management Conference


Beginning of this week, the biennial knowledge management conference WM 2011 took place in Innsbruck, Austria, organized by Ronald Maier and his team. It provided a great opportunity to discuss about MATURE concepts and solutions with experts in the field and practitioners from industry, both large companies and SMEs. Among them were also several associate partners of MATURE's network. MATURE's stand provided a forum for this, and the whole MATURE team among the participants of the conference took a chance for informing and discussing during the coffee and lunch breaks. 

Two new MATURE posters available on Knowledge Maturing models and tool landscape

For the upcoming conference in Innsbruck on Professional Knowledge Management, we have prepared two new posters that explain the knowledge maturing model and the tool landscape.

MATURE IP: Knowledge Maturing Model

MATURE @ Professional Training Facts 2010: Learning, Competence, Performance

MATURE has presented the project results at the exhibition area of this year's Professional Training Facts 2010 and could establish contacts to various participants from industry.

Narratives about knowledge maturing published

As part of the interview study, the interviewers have also collected rich, contextualized stories they have been told by their interviewees. They are very good instruments for understanding real-world problems and good practices with respect to knowledge maturing. Now we have published these stories. Some of them are rather short and to the point about a specific insight gained, others are much more elaborate case studies.  

MATURE paper on interview study receives STELLAR Stakeholder Distinct Award at ECTEL 2010

The MATURE paper on the findings on knowledge maturing activities from the interview study has won the STELLAR Stakeholder Distinct Award at ECTEL 2010.

Motivational and Affective Aspects in Technology-Enhanced Learning at ECTEL 2010 and ICT 2010

MATURE has organized the MATEL workshop at this year’s edition of the ECTEL conference together with the European projects IntelLEO and MIRROR. It was broadcasted to the ICT 2010 event in Brussels, and there is an archive of the video stream (choose Tuesday for the MATEL workshop). Presentation slides and papers are avaliable from the workshop page.

It was a great workshop with lot of interactivity and true interdisciplinary audience. Andreas Schmidt opened the workshop with a keynote talk, setting the theme of the workshop and presenting results from the MATURE project.


Professional Knowledge Management Conference 2011 in Innsbruck - From Knowlegde to Action

MATURE organizes next year's edition of the Professional Knowledge Management Conference (WM2011) in Innsbruck, Austria. The Conference on Professional Knowledge Management provides a broad integrative overview of organizational, cultural, social and technical aspects on Knowledge Management. Focus of the conference is bringing together different research disciplines and sharing experiences gained in the different areas where knowledge management is being applied. The conference is hosted and organised by Ronald Maier and his team in Innsbruck. MATURE also organizes three workshops at this conference:

Contributions both from science and practice are welcome. Deadline is October 24, 2010.

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