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New Flyer on Knowledge Maturing Model

Two journal articles accepted

Recently, two journal articles have been accepted after a lengthy reviewing process. They summarize two major areas of contribution of MATURE: iterative and agile design processes/design-based research and agile competence management and ontology maturing.

Simone Braun, Christine Kunzmann, Andreas Schmidt
Semantic People Tagging & Ontology Maturing: An Enterprise Social Media Approach to Competence Management
International Journal on Knowledge and Learning

STELLAR Roundtable on Social Mobile Networking for Informal Learning (SoMobNet)

MATURE contributed to the STELLAR (The European Network of Excellence in TEL) Theme Team on “Social Mobile Networking for Informal Learning” (SoMobNet) International Roundtable at the Institute of Education in London on 21st November 2011. Both John Cook and Graham Attwell presented results from the MATURE demonstrators.   

Knowledge Maturing for Organizational Development: A Workshop with IFIP


MATURE organized a joint workshop together with the IFIP AGORA initiative to explore the potential of applying the knowledge maturing model landscape to organizational development problems.
The International Federation of Information Processing (IFIP) is a world wide acting umbrella organization to the National Societies of Computer Science. IFIP is associated to UNESCO and is also part of the Associated Partner Network of MATURE. IFIP’s president Leon Strous, who emphatically invited the representatives of the different technical committees of IFIP to participate in the workshop, stressed that there is a growing need for collaboration between the various IFIP groups and with international acting partners (international bodies and institutions, industry and business, key decision makers, member societies). In order to accommodate such collaboration, TC-3 of IFIP launched the AGORA initiative that aimed to implement a dynamic methodology for initiating cooperative projects for individual competence development in conjunction with Lifelong Learning. 
Together with MATURE the workshop in Barcelona should support those goals. Furthermore, the workshop should contribute to a process of evolutionary change inside IFIP in order to improve the cooperation between the TCs and to generate synergy of action especially with regard to transversal themes of the information and knowledge society, that are not just technology based. Examples are besides Lifelong Learning e.g. the themes of Security and Trust, E-Governance and Ethics that have been also discussed at the Summits on the Information Society during the last years. 

MATURE at WikiSym 2011

 WikiSym 2011

The success of wikis depends very strongly on the user participation and the willingness to edit. Athanasios Mazarakis and Clemens van Dinther from MATURE presented results at the WikiSym conference in San Francisco how to foster participation with feedback mechanisms. WikiSym is the International Symposium on Wikis and Open Collaboration, the premier conference on open collaboration and related technologies for researchers, industry, entrepreneurs and practitioners worldwide.
The results about the feedback mechanisms have been collected in field experiments about course wikis. With different experimental treatments it was possible to show that:
  • Feedback can help to prioritize to knowledge maturing activities
  • Foster participation in wikis
  • A social ranking can even more help to raise awareness for knowledge exchange
Contacts to the Wikimedia Foundation have been established as these result seem promising as well for the Wikipedia project.

MATURE and competence development: Professional Training Facts 2011

MATURE has once again been invited to this year's Professional Training Facts 2011. Christine Kunzmann has organized a session on Motivational and Affective Aspects in Competence Development in joint initiative with the MIRROR project. In this session, Verónica Rivera Pelayo presented approaches to capturing affective state from the MIRROR project, associate partner Josef Hofer-Alfeis presents his experiences on employee motivation, and Christine Kunzmann presented conclusions from the research in MIRROR and MATURE.


Furthermore Graham Attwell gave an inspiring talk on Mobile Learning: Using Mobiles for Learning, Developing and Sharing Knowledge


2nd Workshop on Motivational and Affective Aspects in TEL

In a joint activity with the MIRROR and the IntelLEO projects, MATURE has organized a second edition of the MATEL workshop at this year's ECTEL 2011 in Palermo, Italy.

Based on results from these projects and a discussion with the workshop participants, the following research challenges were identified:

Careers Talk - a new web site for career guidance published


As a result of the work conducted within MATURE, Pontydysgu and the Institute for Employment Research, Warwick University, announce a new web site (CareersTalk), providing access to the ongoing research and development into careers guidance and in particular, the use of new technology to support careers guidance. Much of this work has been also supported by the G8WAY project.

Associate Partner Event for the Careers Sector at Warwick

On September 29, 2011, MATURE has invited career guidance decision makers, researchers, and practitioners to Warwick, UK for an interactive demonstration of MATURE tools. Almost 50 participants discussed with the MATURE team on the usefulness and potential of the people tagging demonstrator, the widget-based environment for developing and sharing LMI related content, the LMI visualization tool, and learning and development modules. The participants have been very interested in using the tools, and as part of the plenary discussion, many interesting ideas for further development have come up that the MATURE team will explore further.

The slides and additional material are available from 

Workshop on Motivational and Cultural Barriers to Knowledge Sharing at M&C 2011


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