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MATURE in 5:30 - the video

The TELMap project has interviewed major TEL projects for a rich picture of the advances in Technology Enhanced Learning. As former coordinator, I had the pleasure and challenge to present a brief summary of what MATURE has achieved.

TELMap has compiled an overview as an ebook (currently only iBooks, but other formats are promised):

Here is the chapter on MATURE.

MATURE in the International Innovation Report by ResearchMedia

MATURE has been recently covered by the International Innovation magazine.

Successful Final Review

Videos explaining MATURE and the Knowledge Maturing Approach

Knowledge Maturing Consulting Network started

The Knowledge Maturing Model Landscape has already proven to be a valuable tool for providing advice to organizations interested in improving their knowledge processes and the supporting tool infrastructure. It helps analyzing and understanding problems and developing solutions. And in contrast to most consulting methodologies, it is also grounded on a sound and empirically as well as practically validated concept. A group of experienced individuals from the MATURE consortium and its Associate Partner Network has formed a European consulting network in recent months. It provides its tailored services to all kinds of organizations, and each of the consultants brings in their own special expertise in a certain business sector (e.g., healthcare, financial services, IT services) and country (Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Spain, United Kingdom).

Graham AttwellJosef Hofer-AlfeisPablo FranzoliniChristine Kunzmann
Ronald MaierRené PeinlAndreas P. SchmidtMichael Wyrsch

1st knowledge management days Krems “Knowledge in dialogue”

The event took place for the first time and has immediately attracted almost 200 participants and thus grown up to a major event. The knowledge management days were organized by the magazine „Wissensmanagement. Magazin für Führungskräfte“ and the Danube University Krems. Keynote Speaker and knowledge managers from academia and industries, amongst others Ronald Maier (University of Innsbruck, Department of Information Systems ) shared their experiences.

People Tagging Tool / SOBOLEO release as open source

The people tagging tool, which is based on the SOBOLEO framework, has been released as open source under GPLv3. We offer hosting, development, and consulting services that facilitate the customization and opereration of the system at the workplace.

Recent and forthcoming 2012 LTRI dissemination of MATURE outcomes

Cook, J. and Pachler, N. (2012). Online People Tagging: Social (Mobile) Network(ing) Services and Work-based Learning. British Journal of Education Technology. Due Summer 2012. (email for final draft)

Ravenscroft, A., Schmidt, A., Cook, J. & Bradley, (2012). Designing Socio-Technical Systems for Informal Learning and Knowledge Maturing in the ‘Web 2.0 Workplace’. Journal of Computer Assisted Learning (JCAL).

Invited talks:

New LTRI publication on our innovative work at the European work-based learning level

Abstract: The purpose of this paper is to feature two European projects that have explored innovative approaches to using Educational Technology to mediate “informal learning” in a variety of contexts. The paper is structured as follows. Firstly, it briefly delineate what the author means by “informal learning”, opting for the term ‘task-conscious learning’.

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