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Fluid Operations

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Fluid Operations is a software company based in Walldorf, Gemrnay. The company was founded by the chief developers of the HP ProLiant Essentials Virtualization Suite. It specializes in topics centered around cloud computing. Fluid Operations has invented a number of new technologies for cloud infrastructures that enable a true Enterprise Compute Cloud. All resources of an adaptive, cloud-enabled data center can be set up, monitored, and maintained from a single, unified, and intuitive management console, and new instances of services or applications can be created at the click of a button. These technologies are available in fluid Operations' main product, the eCloudManager suite, which manages the entire cloud stack from hardware to software.

At fluid Operations, we realize that agility of organizations has become the critical success factor for competetiveness in a world characterized by accelerated rate of change. ... As such, we are very interested in the research pursued by MATURE to understand the knowledge maturing process better.

Of particular interest is the use of Web 2.0 technologies and semantic technologies for the collaborative organization, formalization and maturing of knowledge in enterprises.


Altrottstraße 31
69190 Walldorf