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The PLE2010 Conference unKeynote

Alec Couros and Graham Attwell have been paired together as co-keynotes at the PLE Conference in Barcelona, Spain, July 8-9. The organizers have asked us to do something different than a typical keynote, so we have been thinking about an unKeynote format. In keeping with the theme of the conference (PLEs), we’re hoping that individuals in our network would be willing to help us frame what this might look like.

Seminar on Personal Learning and Maturing Environments

In September, we organised a symposium on Personal Learning Environments at the the 2nd World Summit on the Knowledge Society (WSKS 2009), "an international attempt to promote the dialogue for the main aspects of the Knowledge Society towards a better world for all."

World Summit on the Knowledge Society 2009

Embedded in the 2nd World Summit on the Knowledge Society we had a symposium that was related to the topic of Personal Learning Environments. Graham Attwell, Maria Perifanou, Cristina Costa, Ricardo Torres and me presented complementary papers talking about PLEs, Digital Identity, Contextual Learning and Communities of Practice. It was a great platform to present ideas about challenging aspect of mobile learning and the first international conference where the Widget (Messaging) Server developed by UPB could be presented in action.

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