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Du, Ying, Riss, Uwe V., Chen, Liming, Ong, Ernie, Taylor, Philip, Patterson, David, Wang, Hui
Work Experience Reuse in Pattern Based Task Management
In: 9th International Conference on Knowledge Management (I-KNOW '09), Graz, Austria, 2009, pp. 149-158

Abstract Pattern based task management has been proposed as a promising approach to work experience reuse in knowledge intensive work environments. While initial work has focused on the conceptualization and development of a generic framework, the process and user interaction of the task pattern lifecycle has not been addressed. In this paper, we introduce task copy augmented by Abstraction Services as a novel approach to facilitate task pattern creation and maintenance in a semi-automatic fashion. Also, we develop the architecture to demonstrate the underlying ideas by leveraging the advantage of semantic technologies.


Jarodzka, Halszka M., Grebner, Olaf, Riss, Uwe V., Ong, Ernie
Motivate users to construct collective knowledge via IT - A psychological view on pattern-based task management
In: Gronau, Norbert (eds.): 4th Conference on Professional Knowledge Management - Experiences and Visions -, March 28. - 30. 2007, Potsdam, Germany, GITO Verlag Berlin, 2007

Abstract Collective knowledge construction is often inhibited by motivational barriers. In this paper we present pattern-based task management (PBTM) as a system to construct collective knowledge and show ways how to foster motivation. We present the motivational structure of the knowledge sharing situation as a social dilemma which feeds free-riding. To avoid this, we concentrate on ways to overcome the dilemma from a psychological perspective by presenting concrete suggestions on increasing users' motivation to actively participate in PBTM. The goal is to foster collective knowledge con-struction as a social process.