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Barbara Thönssen

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Organization: Fachhochschule Nordwestschweiz - University of Applied Sciences Northwestern Switzerland
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Brander, Simon, Hinkelmann, Knut, Martin, Andreas, Thönssen, Barbara
Mining of Agile Business Processes
In: Hinkelmann, Knut and Thönssen, Barbara (eds.): Papers from the 2011 AAAI Spring Symposium, AAAI Press, 2011


Witschel, Hans Friedrich, Hu, Bo, Riss, Uwe V., Thönssen, Barbara, Brun, Roman, Martin, Andreas, Hinkelmann, Knut
A Collaborative Approach to Maturing Process-Related Knowledge
In: BPM, 2010, pp. 343-358


Riss, Uwe V., Witschel, Hans Friedrich, Brun, Roman, Thönssen, Barbara
What is Organizational Knowledge Maturing and How Can It Be Assessed?
In: 9th International Conference on Knowledge Management (I-KNOW '09), Graz, Austria, 2009, pp. 28-38

Abstract We introduce the concept of organizational knowledge maturing based on the idea of developing knowledge assets. We explain the dimensions that have to be considered and introduce the Knowledge Maturing Dimension Framework to measure the maturity level. Finally we describe service classes as the building blocks of a future organizational learning and maturing environment (OLME).