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2nd Workshop on Motivational and Affective Aspects in TEL

In a joint activity with the MIRROR and the IntelLEO projects, MATURE has organized a second edition of the MATEL workshop at this year's ECTEL 2011 in Palermo, Italy.

Based on results from these projects and a discussion with the workshop participants, the following research challenges were identified:

  • Future research should not aim at general "motivational" or "affective aspects", but should explore them in a concrete context. Workshop participants were rather sceptical whether a general framework could be established that could form the basis of systematic motivational design approach ("motivational design models"). 
  • A lot of potential was seen in the analysis of concrete existing systems and their appropriation. Especially the comparison - or even interaction - of challenge-based and goal-driven systems could lead to new insights.
  • While motivation has so far mainly been analyzed on an individual level, it would be promising to research the group-level and whether we need completely different concepts on that level. That includes also aspects of scaling.
  • Furthermore, it could be very helpful to systematically identify user roles/user types and their characteristics with respect to motivational and affective aspects.

The papers and a more extensive summary can be found on the workshop page: